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New - Laser Engraving and cutting

Laser Engraving and cutting

I am pleased to announce that I can now offer Laser Engraved products for sale.

The picture to the right is a laser engraved picture with a bespoke 3D printed LED base, this can be customised for size and colour.

As well as creating pictures on acrylic I will be able to engrave in to a variety of materials including wood, glass, leather, foam, etc...

I will also be able to cut wood and acrylic to different designs.

If you would like any pictures, handwriting or designs please send me an email to

Laser Engraved picture with 3D printed LED stand

Laser Engraved picture with 3D printed LED stand

About NHDesigns3D


How I got started

I started 3D printing in May 2017, it all started due to my curiosity about the technology.  I quickly progressed from downloading designs from the web to teaching myself how to use CAD and creating my own designs.  My initial design was an articulated Shark that is printed as a single item, my colleagues at work started to ask if they could buy my prints.

I started to offer a 3D printing service supplying unique products designed specifically for each customer, I pride myself in offering bespoke items alongside my standard designs. 

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3D Printing Materials

I print primarily in PLA materials, this offers a wide variety of printing material colours and material properties.  My materials are sourced locally in Southend-on-Sea from 3Dfilaprint, on their website you can see the variety of materials available for me to print in.

Unicorn Keyrings with 8 filament changes

Why choose NHDesigns3D?

I offer completely unique designs including layered multiple filaments, which you will not be offered on mass produced 3d prints

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